Veda Stone – A Perfect Choice for Residential and Commercial Applications

Veda Stone is a reputed supplier of quality bench tops for home and commercial use. Quartz Stones are known for their strength, toughness, long life and many other ideal characteristics that make them highly desirable. Veda Stone adds another level to Quartz Stone by adding perfection asthey are manufactured under controlled conditions to take care any imperfection that may occur with a natural stone.

You can use Technistone for avariety of applications including bathroom and kitchen walls, bathroom vanities, kitchen benchtops, Splashbacks, window sills and several other places in thehome as well as commercial places. Veda Stone in Mandurahis highly preferred by the professionals forhome and commercial projects due to the quality and durability that they offer, apart from style.

Veda Stone products can be used in following areas of your home:


Understanding the needs for bathroom walls and vanities, Veda Stone has a wide range of perfectly engineered Quartz with natural shades offering durability and reliability with easy maintenance. These specially engineered quartz stones come with micro-pores which mean that you will practically experience the glass like finish. Most importantly, Veda Stone products can be easily cleaned very easily with standard cleaning agents.


This perfectly manufactured stone from Veda Stone in Mandurah is a perfect option for kitchen benchtops as it is resistant to heat, stains, and scratches. You can also use it for kitchensplashbacks. Varied palettes of Veda Stone ensure amazing looks that stay for a very long time with any degradation.

Around the Home

You can also use Veda Stone in various places at home other than kitchen and bathroom such as for fireplaces, wall tiles, coffee table tops, dining and more. It serves as an amazing option that offers you the fine quality, true colours with long life at extremely affordable cost.

Commercial Applications

Commercial Applications are the real test of any material and thus most of the architects and experts recommend the use of Veda Stone for the toughest commercial applications whether it isashowroom, airport or any other office. You will find Veda Stone featuring in avariety of commercial projects around the world.

To have the best quality Veda Stone in Mandurah installed for bench tops and kitchen or bathroom, call Brenton’s Cabinets for perfect application. Our team of experts is always there to offer completeguidance in choosing the most appropriate products to fit your requirements and budget.