A Quick Guide to Help You Select the Best Stone Bench Top

The market is flooded with a variety of bench top materials making it extremely difficult for you to compare and choose the best option that fulfils your requirements and fit into your budget. If you will explore the various options available for bench tops, you will come across natural stones, engineered stones and some other options such as concrete and stainless steel. Here is a quick comparison among the various materials to make things easier for you.

Strength, Appearance, and Cost

When it comes to stone bench tops in Rockingham, you have to choose between the two main categories of natural stones and engineered stones. Natural Stones such as Marble and Granite has been the most preferred option of bench tops for a long time because they offer great finish and beautiful natural shades with unique patterns. Marble is the cheaper option as compared to Granite but lacks strength and finish.

Granite, on the other hand, offers a highly finished surface with good resistance to scratches. However, there will always be some degree of imperfections in shades and build. Engineered Stone is the new age of materials for Bench Tops that combine the advantages of beautiful natural looks with controlled manufacturing to eliminate any sort of imperfection to present a perfect material. You might need to pay extra bucks for engineered stone but it is worth spending money.


While choosing among the various stone bench tops in Rockingham, porosity is an important parameter that determines the level of penetration of dirt and spillage into the surface. Marble is comparatively porous especially when it comes to liquids like oils that can leave a permanent mark on the surface. Granite and Engineered Stone offers practically zero porosity with microspores to ensure glass like finish. It also makes it easier to clean the surface without leaving any marks of oil or dirt. Thus, granite and engineered stone can maintain its charm for a long time.

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