Q Stone in Mandurah- The New Sensation in Countertops and Flooring

Q Stone is the latest addition to the list of options for kitchen countertops, flooring, wall cladding and several other home décor applications. It is one of the latest products available in the market and not very popular one because people know very less about it. As a new material, people hesitate to consider it for their home and kitchen. However, Q Stone in Mandurahwould catch attention quickly and become the most preferred option for various surfaces in home applications. It has desirable qualities like ease of maintenance and affordable cost.

Let us explore this new sensation in the world of countertops and flooring further.

What is Q Stone?

Q Stone is an engineered stone that is not like a natural stone but is manufactured under controlled conditions. One of the main reasons for preferring a natural stone is the true beauty which even dominates some imperfections. Q Stone has been perfectly crafted and engineered to deliver the best solution for flooring, countertops, wall cladding and other applications. You can enjoy the beauty of a natural stone with Q Stone in Mandurah without needing to compromise with the imperfections.

Composition of Q Stone

Q Stone is composed of 94% Quartz which makes it extremely tough and resistant to scratches. These are among the most desirable features for counter tops, flooring and other surface applications. Q Stone can take severe impacts too without showing any signs of cracking, chipping or crumbling.

Availability of Colours

Q Stones are manufactured in varied patterns and colours resembling the look of natural stones. You can explore through a wide range of colour options for Q Stone in Mandurahonline to select the most appealing option.

10 Years Limited Warranty

Q Stone comes with a limited warranty of 10 years which reflects the trust and confidence of the manufacturers about the durability and performance of the product on a long run. The long term warranty makes it easier for you to go for Q Stone in Mandurahwith complete peace of mind.

Brenton’s Cabinets presents to you the widest range of options for Q Stone in Mandurah with complete guidance from the experts to help you choose the best. The team of experts is always ready to serve and offer complete customer satisfaction.