Important Parameters to Consider While Shopping For Bathroom Vanities

It is extremely important to choose bathroom vanities carefully as it can make a huge difference to the look as well as usability of your bathroom. While you start shopping for bathroom vanities Perth, you can easy get puzzled with the range of options unless you have an expert or professional to guide.

We have listed some most important things that you need to look for in bathroom vanities.

Space of Your Bathroom: Before shopping for bathroom vanities, you must have exact idea of the space of your bathroom. It will help you determine the right dimensions for the bathroom vanity that will fit perfectly into your bathroom. If your bathroom is narrow, you must consider buying vanities that are not too deep.

Number of Sinks: Bathroom vanities Perth are mostly available in two options in terms of number of sinks. Single vanities with one sink are most common as you can fit them easily even in a small bathroom. You can choose vanities with large width if you want a good counter space. The other option is of double vanities where you have two sinks. This design is more suited for a family bathroom with lots of space to accommodate large sized vanity.

Mounting Options: For mounting, you can choose from three options for bathroom vanities Perth – free standing, wall mounted and corner mounted. Free standing is the standard and the most preferred design for bathroom vanity. It offers maximum storage space. Wall mounted vanities can be directly fitted into the wall without any base. Corner mounted vanities are especially designed with a 90 degree edge to fit them perfectly into a desired corner.

Type of Sink: Choice of the sink mainly depends on your preferences for counter space, style and compatibility with the bathroom. You can choose among three types of sinks i.e. under-mount, self-rimming and vessel.

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