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Brenton’s Cabinets welcomes you to the online store – the house of extraordinary and stylish bathroom cabinets, bathroom vanities, and bathroom sink cabinets in Perth. We are the industry leaders in Perth for more than 10 years, having a wide network of clientele. Owing to our exotic range of bathroom cabinets in Perth, we have successfully become the most trusted brand for bathroom vanities in Perth.

Bathroom vanities in Perth can make a remarkable difference to the overall look and usability of your bathrooms. While you are looking for special bathroom vanities, do not get carried away with the array of options and styles. We are professionals in this field and we would guide you to choose the best bathroom cabinets for your home.


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Choice of Bathroom Vanities in Perth

Bathroom vanities are usually available in 2 distinct options – single and double vanities. While single vanities have one sink that can easily fit into a small bathroom, double vanities come with two sinks. Ideally, double bathroom sink cabinet is the best for a family-sized bathroom that has a lot of space and can accommodate a large-sized vanity cabinet snugly.

Bathroom vanities also come with a couple of mounting options – Brenton’s Cabinets experts can suggest whether you need a standing, corner mounted or wall mounted cabinet. While freestanding is always a preferred design of bathroom cabinets in Perth homes, wall mounted versions are also popular. On the other hand, corner mounted vanities are perfectly designed to fit into the corners, at 90-degree angle, to give access.

Our Expertise

Based on your choice, we can suggest the type of bathroom sink cabinet that would be apt for the counter style and space of your bathroom. Choose self-rimming, vessel, or under-mount sinks and we would install it with ease.