How to Settle On A Design for Vanity Units for Small and Mid-Sized Bathrooms?

Your bathroom is your own private kingdom. This is the place where you look at yourself, reflect, introspect and even communicate with yourself. If ever there should be a place where you feel at home in your home, it has to be the bathroom. In the bathroom,vanity unit is the place where you spend the maximum time.
Your bathroom is incomplete and undernourished without the presence of an impressive bathroom vanity unit. But homeowners with small   and mid-sized bathrooms face the challenge of installing a vanity unit. Questions like whether the vanity unit has to be wall- mounted or floor standing or mounted on legs can send you into a tizzy. Add to that the choice of material that is to be used and the kind of design; tallboy, compact, horizontal etc. are sure to add to your confusion. Here, we try to give you some valuable information on how to go about designing a vanity unit for your bathroom.
Location of the Vanity Unit

The first thing to be kept in mind is the location of the vanity unit. If your bathroom is deep rather than wide, install the vanity unit towards one side of the bathroom so that it does not block the passage. Give it a tallboy finish with the mirror in a vertical position and the faucet and drawers beneath it. To allow for some leg space, mount the unit at least a feet above the floor. You don’t want chipped toenails, do you?

Shape of the Vanity Unit

The next thing is the shape of the bathroom vanity unit. Again, it will depend on the shape of the bathroom. If your bathroom is wide, install the vanity unit towards one corner, but not as a corner piece. Corner pieces are very cumbersome to operate and offer very little in terms of storage space. A horizontal design with wider and lesser number of drawers may help.

Aesthetics of The Vanity Unit

Aesthetics of the vanity unit is something that may come last but strikes you the first. You can select faucets with colour LED’s to add that touch of glamour to your vanity units. Apart from functionality, they lend elegance to the entire bathroom. The drawer cabinets can be customised to match the tiling and paint of your bathrooms. The knobs and handles can be designed to attract attention.

Whatever be the size of the bathroom, we give you the best design for vanity units in and around Perth. At Brenton’s Cabinets, we have the expertise to design vanity units that not only fit your bathrooms, but also your budget and your bathrooms. We can work with a wide range of materials to give your vanity units a contemporary, rustic, ethnic or just modern finish. We ensure that, in your kingdom, you would feel like a king!