What are the Factors that Make Essastone Kitchen Cabinets Popular?

One of the premium quality of engineered stones, widely used in Australia today is essastone. Offering an enduring appeal close to natural quartz stone, essastone in Rockingham is now one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinets. Wonderful designs, amazing palette and varied colours make essastone a great choice for kitchen bench tops.

Essastone – What is it?
Essastone is a kind of engineered stone, sourced from Italy. It is designed by combining solid quartz (95%) with pigments and resins (5%). Essastone is prepared using large quantity of natural quartz to make it stronger, sturdier and more durable that can be used in kitchens. In fact, it is one of the finest materials to consider when you want to create a perfect kitchen environment.

Qualities of Essastone
Essastone in Rockingham has become a popular choice because of its innate qualities. These inherent properties of essastone make it one of the first few choices for kitchen cabinets and even walls and bathrooms in Australia.

• Essastone is a hardwearing material, resistant to stains and scratches.
• With the help of sophisticated manufacturing designs, essastone can be used to create stunning designs for kitchen tabletops and bench tops.
• Essastone is known for its versatility in terms of colours, properties and designs.
• It is one of the most durable engineered stones you can find in today’s time.
• The natural lustre and shine of essastone lasts forever without sealing.
• Using essastone can save your time as well as money as there’s no need to reapply sealant.
• No special cleaning materials or products are needed to maintain essastone.

Essastone in Rockingham, Australia, is considered the ideal choice for bench tops. In addition to its attractive designs and colours palette, essastone is also easier to maintain. For your kitchen, you always need tabletops and bench tops that are easier to maintain, scratch resistant, and well designed. Essastone offers all these features on the whole. So, whenever you choose to renovate or design your kitchen for the first time, take your pick right here – Brenton’s Cabinets has the best collection to offer.