Granite vs. Engineered Stone – Which One Would You Choose?

Renovating your kitchen? Well, then you might want some new and innovative ideas for countertop that is not just beautiful but durable at the same time!

Before you decide on the new look of your kitchen, choose the countertop material for the project. It is very important to be aware of the fact that there are better choices than granite – engineered stone is the new choice.

Whilst granite is forever the first perpetual choice, engineered stone in Mandurah, Australia has come up in a big way. Experts have designed high quality engineered stones to ensure durability and versatility of your kitchen countertops. When you see the wide range of engineered stones, making a decision becomes easier with respect to the hue, design and decor of your kitchen.

However, is it right to say that engineered stone in Mandurah is more preferred over granite, or better? Well, only when you know the pros and cons of both, can you decide.

Properties of Engineered Stone and Granite

Appearance:Granite is formed naturally. It is sourced from the crust of the earth. Obviously, granite was the only choice we had for our kitchen for many years. The uniqueness and stunning appearance of granite slabs made it a pre-decided factor. However, pattern, colour, irregularities and flaws were also present. When polished, granite achieves a certain amount of lustre and glossiness. So, for the ones who prefer something unique, granite is perfect.

However, modern kitchens are sleek and uniform. So, if you want your countertops to be consistent and uniform, engineered stones can be a better choice. It mimics natural stone and its beauty, though it lacks unique patterns.

Durability: Both granite and engineered stones are durable, touch and resilient. Both materials are resistant to scratches and stains. While granite may crack, engineered stone does not crack. However, granite is heat-resistant, while engineered stone does not have higher heat resistance capacity.

Cleaning and Maintenance: Both granite and engineered stone are easy to clean, maintain and handle. However, granite is definitely more porous compared to engineered stone, which makes it prone to stains. As such, engineered stone is a better choice considering that it is stain resistant; even oils and acids cannot leave stains on engineered stones.

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