Steps You Must Take Before Building Bathroom Vanities in Mandurah

Gone are the days when bathrooms meant just a cleaning and bathing area with taps and tumblers. Today, bathrooms are fitted with exquisitely designed vanities that comprise a mirror, basin, platform and sufficient storage area. Brenton’s Cabinets specialize in the planning, design and construction of bathroom vanities in Mandurah. We follow a thorough process before finalizing the layout and pattern of a vanity for your bathroom.

1. Decide The Layout Scheme

Decide the location and layout of the vanity in the bathroom. This will help you determine the ideal shape and size of the vanity and the cabinets. You can either opt for galley layout with two separate basins or a horizontal layout with basin in one part and cabinets in another.
Pay attention to the proximity of the source of water and make sure that vanity surface and mirror are not prone to water drops and splashes. You do not want to deal with water stains on an hourly basis.

2. Determine the Number of Units

Bathroom vanities in Mandurahcan comprise just one sink and mirror or multiple units of those separated by partitions. Most of the house owners opt for a single sink and use the additional space for keeping different articles of daily use. Similarly, one full-size face mirror is enough for a bathroom, if the dressing room already has a wall-length mirror. However, if you want, last size mirror can also be mounted in a single panel on the right/left of the vanity cabinet.

3. Select The Vanity Style

Select what kind of design and style do you want, the number of drawers, the style of doors, stain-glass v/s painted mirrors, floating v/s fixed vanity – the options are limitless. Brenton’s Cabinets can design customized bathroom vanities in Mandurah according to your preferences and specifications. Just let us know what you like.

4. Decide The Budget

As much as we would encourage you to design the vanity you have always admired in the glossy housekeeping magazines, it is always a good idea to fix a budget. This would help us in suggesting the best deals for the designs and patterns you like.

At Brenton’s Cabinets, we ensure that not only you get the best design but also select the most optimum layout within a reasonable cost.